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ADIVA Magazine ISSUE #02

Edition 2 is here, and we are excited to have the beautiful, talented, strong, and inspiring Busola Dakolo as our cover girl.

In this edition:

– Get a glimpse into the life of our cover girl Busola Dakolo.
– Get tips on how to spice up your sex life even in the lockdown. 
– Find out how to stay stylish, and stay safe. Safety is the new fashion trend. 
– Learn how to apply an abundance mentality to your workouts to yield results.
– Access some hidden rules by the wealthy on how to stay wealthy. 
– #BLM All lives matter, when Black lives matter.





ADIVA Magazine ISSUE #01

ADIVA Magazine is the premier lifestyle and social justice magazine for women of all ages, races, and faces. We are the voice of and for women all over the world who want to have fun and meaningful conversations with their girlfriends. Enjoy and savor the simplicity in the language of our columns, which seek to motivate, encourage, entertain, support, educate, and inform all our girlfriends.

ADIVA represents the modern and Dynamic woman, Independent Minded, Bold, and WOKE.

Our content comes from an incredibly diverse group of women who are just like you. Driven by the same passions and motivated by the same dreams. Inspired by the same ideas and working towards the sole purpose of a better life for all of humanity and ensuring that the world is a better, safer, and loving place, where ALL women are treated with the utmost respect they absolutely deserve. And we will definitely have fun along the way. Whatever your concerns, questions, doubts, and challenges are, we are here to speak to your spirit, heart, and mind.

We cover every facet of a woman’s entirety which include but are not limited to law, beauty, fashion, hair, fitness, health, relationship, music, spirituality, technology, travel, food, humanity, film, social justice, world news, mental health, parenting, books, career, finances, etc. We have worked hard to ensure that every reader is deeply connected.

ADIVA projects the woman by helping her to create awareness for causes that affect her.

Let us take you into a world of fun, joy, and laughter, where you are free to express yourself and enjoy an amazing community of women who will eventually become girlfriends and hopefully … sisters. 

Girl! Jump in and let’s take a ride.





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